Bridget Cosgrave
NTTRA, Every European Digital, UKKO VERKOT OY
Global President GTWN

Myla Villanueva
CEO, Novare Technologies/MDi
(Regional President, Asia-Pacific)

Ingrid Silver
Partner, Reed Smith
(Regional President, Europe)

Kate McKenzie
CEO, Chorus
(President GTWN Australia and New Zealand)

Michele Merrell
Merrell Consulting Group
(GTWN President USA)

Candace Johnson
SES, Loral-Teleport Europe,
Europe Online, Success Europe
(Founding Global President)

Vicki MacLeod
Member of The Board, OWNSAT
(GTWN Secretary General)

Mosiri Cabezas Ceballos
Chief Digital Officer
IKEA Spain

Carla Cico
CEO, Telemig Celular Participações S.A
Board Member EPTA, Allegion, World Duty Free

Sallye Clark
Partner, Mintz Levin

Laureen Cook
Executive TMT Adviser
Extelcon Consulting

Susan Dark
Board Director

Amb. Diana Lady Dougan
Founding Member
International Communications Center for
Strategic & International Studies

Marilyn Esposito
MCC Worldwide President
(President Emeritus GTWN USA)

Gema Esteban Garrido
Global VP of Knowledge Network

Elke Geising
Executive Director, Nala Partners, South Africa

Anne Glover
CEO and Founder, Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd

Laina Raveendran Greene
CEO and Lead Consultant

Victoria Hernandez

Heather Hudson
Professor and Director,
Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER)
University of Alaska, Anchorage

Janice Hughes
Red Shift Strategy
Founder, Spectrum Strategy Consultants

Lucy Lombardi
Senior Vice President
Telecom Italia
GSMA Executive Management Committee Member

Susan Major
Managing Partner
Major Executive Search

Dr. Jessie McLeman
Founding GTWN Board Member
Former BT and Scottish Water Executive

Julie Meyer, MBE
Chair, Founder and CEO, Ariadne Capital and Ariadne Capital Funds
(Immediate Past President)

Dr. Susanne Paech
Founder and CEO, Servus-TV

Gisa Fuatai Purcell
Head, LSE Division

Walda Roseman
Chief Operating Officer
CompassRose International

Cristina Ruiz de Velasco
Vice President, Nextel, Mexico

Dr. Mina-Jaqueline Schachter-Radig
German Telecoms Pioneer

Elisabeth Slapio
Managing Director,
IHK Cologne Chamber of Commerce, Germany

Marie-Monique Steckel
President, Alliance Francaise, United States

Janet Yale
President & CEO The Arthritis Society




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c/o Ariadne Capital
28 Queen Street
London EC4R1BB - UK
Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry ,
Untersachsenhausen 10-26,
50667 Cologne, Germany
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